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Insurance Broker

Our offer

Whether you are a broker or a general insurance agent looking for a trusted partner to place your hard insurable risks, your increased or terminated policies for which you do have no competitive solutions ... or we just delegate the management of part of your portfolio, we have an innovative solution to bring you.

Our commercial relationship since 1995 with market leading companies allow us to guarantee the most specific risks at the best price. With our online access you can submit a lead to be insured, check your quote instances, your portfolio contracts and the amount of your commissions in real time.

This is the ideal tool to grow your business easily and receiving up to 50% of commissions earned throughout the life of contracts concluded.

Through this extranet, you can also sponsor other business providers and collect as much as 10% of the commissions earned by them. Thanks to our professional team, whatever the customer needs, we will support you for their bring our expertise and appropriate solutions to their situation.

Our goal

Our goal

We created this extranet in order to simplify the daily exchanges we have with our business partners by providing better visibility into their portfolio of clients and their commissions through a personal space dedicated access 24h / 24h and 7d / 7d.

To go further, in addition to co-brokerage, we offer a whole range of masterbroker products:

  • Multi-risk home insurance owner-occupant
  • Multi-risk home insurance non-occupant owner
  • Multi-risk home insurance roommates
  • Multi-risk home insurance aggravated risks
  • Non-occupant owner of building (available shortly)
  • Professional insurance (available shortly)
  • Professional insurance aggravated risks (available shortly)

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