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Business provider

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Becoming a business provider of Certis Group is not only reserved for insurance professionals.

Almost half of our business provider are concessions or garages, administrators, artisans, traders ...

If you are a professional with a private address book or professionals who might be interested in our insurance products, you can join our business as a business provider and start building a portfolio of clients.

With our online access you can submit leads, track the progress of our negotiations with your contact, consult your quote instances, your portfolio contracts and the amount of your commissions in real time.

This is the ideal tool to grow your business easily and receive up to 40% of commissions earned throughout the life of the contracts concluded.

Through this extranet, you can also sponsor other business providers and collect as much as 10% of the commissions earned by them.

Thanks to our professional team, whatever the purpose of your contacts, we will bring their expertise and appropriate solutions to their situation.

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Our goal

Our goal

We created this online access in order to simplify the daily exchanges we have with our business partners by providing better visibility into their portfolio of clients and their commissions through a personal space dedicated access 24h / 24h and 7d / 7d.

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